Eleventh line 26

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Constructed in: 2013

Developer: Solo Group

Sato owns 15 apartments.

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A house on eleventh line of Vasilievsky island is a brick solid-cast house with various number of stories. There are only 38 apartments in the building.

SATO owns 15 apartments, located in a separate wing of the building. Each apartment has a spacious balcony. Ceiling height is 3 meters. Windows overlook 11th lane and в inner patio.

Private underground parking accommodates 56 vehicles. Silent elevators lift from the parking level. Security and comfort of the building’s residents and guests are facilitated by the access control system.


The house is located on the 11th line of Vasilievsky Island, between Sredny and Bolshoy prospects.

Vasileostrovskaya metro station is in 5 minutes walk, nearest bus and tram stops are also that close. Bolshoy and Sredny prospects are the main traffic routs that will allow leaving the district fast towards the Central district.

Nearby the house there is Satire Drama Theatre on Vasilievsky. Cafes and restaurants are located on the pedestrian 6th lane and on Bolshoy and Sredniy prospects.

All the necessary common infrastructure objects are in a walking distance: grocery stores, pharmacies, bank branches, flower shops, consumer services center.

This part of the island locates lots of pre-schools and high schools, health care centers. Pre-school #1 and municipal health center #4 are in the nearest neighborhood. Many universities are also situated here, including the departments od St. Petersburg state university and National Mineral and Resource University (Mining University).

Vasileostrovsky district is separated from the other city Thanks to the neighborhood to the shore of the Finnish Gulf and Neva embankment the air is always fresh. The Seaport and the Naval Corpus are located here and remind the residents of the island of the “marine spirit” of Vasilievsky. The population of the district is over 200 thousand people.

Historical overview

Vasilievky Island is the biggest island in the Neva river estuary. The first mentioning of this geographical name is dated the year 1500. Through to year 1700 local inhabitants and Swedish authorities, governing the territory from the Nienshantz fortress, called this island Vasikkasaari («little moose island» in Finnish). The current name the island received either from Vasikkasaari, or after the officer who served at the Peter the Great's times, Vasiliy Korchmin.
Vasilievsky island has 29 consequently numbers lanes, they were first mentioned in 1710.

According to the primary island housing scheme there had to be channels instead of streets, but finally the plan of the Northern Venice creation was not brought to life and the shallow channels were filled in with the sand. That is the reason why opposite sides of one street has different names.

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