Smolenki embankment 35/1

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Constructed in: 2014

Developer: Лемминкяйнен

Sato owns 76 apartments.

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Residential complex on Smolenki embankment on Vasilievsky Island consists of six modern 13storeyed buildings. Outer finishing is performed with reconstituted granite tile. The complex counts 466 apartments in total.

SATO owns 76 apartments that are all situated in the northernmost of all six complex buildings. The apartments differ in area and rooming, from 47 sq. meters studio to spacious 157 sq. meters four-bedroom apartment. All the apartments are beautifully finished, some are fully furnished and equipped, and some have only necessary appliances. All apartments are equipped with Internet and cable TV facilities.

The house has private underground parking that places 160 vehicles. Passenger elevators lift from the parking level. Kindergarten is right at the building, on the ground floor. The inner patio is equipped with a children’s playground. Surrounding territory is developed.

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The building is located in Vasileostrovsky district, in the part called Dekabristov island. The residential complex is inside the block that is outlined with KIMa prospect, Odoyevskogo Street and Dekabristov alley.

Primorskaya metro station is in 10 minutes walk, Vasileostrovskaya metro station is in 10 minutes drive. Main traffic routes nearest to the house are prospect KIMa, that passes into 16th lane, and Smolenka embankment that passes to Odoyevskogo street and Novosmolenskaya embankment after the crossroads with Nalichnaya street.

There are many high schools, pre-schools and health centers in this district. Waldorf high school is in 5 minutes walk; municipal health center #4 is also close. The main building of St. Petersburg State University is also situated on Vasilievsky island (the building of Twelve Colleges’, an architectural monument).

Closer to Primorskaya metro station there are all necessary everyday commodities: grocery stores, pharmacies, health care centers, pre-schools and high schools, bank branches, beauty salons and flower shops. In 5 minutes drive, on Uralskaya Street, Lenta hypermarket and K-Rauta construction superstore are located.

Two kilometers away from the house there is Dekabristov Garden, nice place for a promenade or a dog walk.

Historical overview

Dekabristov island received it’s name in 1926, when it was supposed that the remains of the rebellions and heads of December 1825 rebel were buried here after they were executed in July 1826 in the Fortress of Peter and Paul.

Before that the island was called Galladay, then – Goloday (Hungry island). There are several versions of the name origin, one of the closest to reality is that the island got it’s name after the property of English doctor Thomas Holliday – they took a large area at that time. And the name “Galladay” was due to misspelling and mispronounciation of an unusual and unknown name. Later the island residents turned the Galladay name into Goloday, which seemed more understandable.