Barochnaya 12

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Constructed in: 2010

Developer: YIT

Sato owns 42 apartments.

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Residential complex on Barochnaya street consists of several buildings from 3 to 12 floors high. Outer finishing is performed in natural stone, glazed terraces and balconies are designed in the unique style. The complex counts 335 apartments total.

SATO wing has 42 apartments with an area from 60 to 190 sq. meters. These are one bedroom studios, which still are spacious, and 2-3-4bedroom apartments, up to luxury penthouse/ All apartments are equipped with high speed internet and satellite TV. Windows overlook to different places – depending on the apartment location. This can be Krestovsky Island, Karpovka or Malaya Nevka embankments, inner patio or Barochnaya Street. The complex has it’s own two-level underground parking, placing 432 vehicles.

Passengers’ and baggage elevators work from the bottom parking level. Ground floors of apartment buildings are given to organize utility rooms – to keep bicycles and strollers. The complex is equipped with autonomous engineering systems, video surveillance and access control, and concierges’ service works 24/7. Inner patios have equipped children’s playgrounds.

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The residence is located in the western part of Petrogradsky region. Nearest metro stations are Chkalovskaya and Petrogradskaya, they both are in 15-20 minutes walk from the complex. Main traffic routs of the district; Kamennoostrovskiy and Chkalovskiy prospects and Pesochnaya embankment are close to the city. Near Barochnaya street there are all necessary everyday commodities: grocery stores, pharmacies, health care centers, pre-schools and high schools, bank branches, beauty salons and flower shops. Gas station is also nearby the complex. Swimming pool and the concert hall on the base of St. Petersburg Palace for the Youth are right across the street. Fitness center is in the neighboring house, Barochnaya, 10.

Historical overview

Barochnaya Street passes from Bolshaya (Big) Zelenina Street to Professora Popova Street. It appeared at St. Petersburg map in 1871 and was named Barachnaya (Barn) street because of the barn building system. But in 1887 under the order of Czar Alexander III it was renamed to barochnaya. In 1952-1954 the street was renamed to Kishinevskaya for a short period, but the name wasn’t taken good by the citizens and the historical name was returned to the street at the beginning of 1954. The same name is given to the bridge across Karpovka River – Barochniy.