Shpalernaya 60

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Constructed in: 2005

Developer: LSR

Sato owns 11 apartments.

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Residential complex at Shpalernaya Street, 60 consist of eight nine – storied towers, which are interconnected with glass galleries at the 5th floor level. Outer finishing is performed in natural stone and different types of glass elements; the facade is illuminated at night. There are 200 apartments located in the complex.

SATO owns 11 apartments, ranging from 87 to 122 sq. meters. The ceiling height is 3,03. Apartments are equipped with high-speed Internet landline, and water purification systems.

Residents’ security and comfort are ensured by video-surveillance system and round-a-clock security and concierge service. All the premises are equipped with access control system. Underground parking for 260 vehicles are at the residents’ disposal. Silent panoramic elevators work from the parking level. Surrounding territory has the walking zone and stand-alone street lighting system.


The residence is located at Shpalernaya Street between Tavricheskaya and Kavalergardskaya Streets, in the Central district of St. Petersburg. The house is in 20 minutes walk from Chernyshevskaya metro station, the nearest bus stop is on the crossroad of Shpalernaya and Tavricheskaya streets. Main transport routes of the Central district, Voskresenskaya embankment, Suvorovsky and Liteyniy prospects - are in 5 minutes driving distance.

Liteyniy bridge is the closest to the building; it connects the central part of the city to the Vyborg’s side, while Bolsheokhtinsky bridge connects to the Krasnogvardeyskiy district.
Grocery stores, pre-schools, several schools and the clinics are located nearby. Restaurants and cafes are located closer to Suvorovsky prospect and Kirochnaya Street, bars and pubs are neighboring with Vosstaniya Street and Liteyniy prospect. The central part of the city is also rich with museums, historical and architectural monuments. 
The building itself hosts the Museum of Telephony, The Water Museum and Tavrichesky Palace is just around the corner.

Farther on Shpalernaya Street one will find Smolny cathedral and Institute, the Square of Proletarskaya Diktatura with the building of St. Petersburg Government and Leningrad region Duma. On Tavricheskaya Street in 5 minutes walk there is Tavrichesky garden, a bit farther on Shpalernaya Street – the garden named “Kikiny Palaty (Chambers)”. Both are perfect for a walk or jogging.

Historical overview

Shpalernaya Street was renamed several times during its existence. Up to 1727 it was named Pervaya linia (The First Lane), then – Pervaya Beregovaya street (The First Riverside street), and at the end of XVIII century it was named Voskresenskaya (Resurrection) street or embankment after the Resurrection Cathedral at Shpalernaya, 35a. Only in 1857 the street was given its current name, Shpalernaya, after the tapestry workshop, which was located in a part of the house 29 on this street.

Tavrisheskaya Street, located nearby, is one of the oldest in St. Petersburg. It was first mentioned in the beginning of the XVIII century, and in the beginning of XX century the street gained the reputation of the most expensive and prestigious in the city. Wide and bright Shpalernaya Street became popular only in the next century.