A Home The Way You Want It

SATO is one largest residential investors with a total portfolio of more than 26 000 rental apartments in Finland and St.Petersburg. In St.Petersburg the company has been actively investing since 2007.

We want to offer our customers not only homes that meet their needs, but also the best possible customer service. Our service promise “A home the way you want it” guides us in everything we do. Homes are in key locations and their condition is looked after methodically. We maintain a diverse range of channels in order to enable our customers’ active dialogue with us during the whole duration of the rental agreement.

Sato at a Glance

Totally 25 400 apartments, 534 apartments in St. Petersburg. The average volume of annual investments is 150-200 millions euro. The fair value of investment properties is 3,2 billion euro.

40 000 people live in our apartments. 170 employees.

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